After-School Program

Children who attend quality after-school programs achieve academic success and have better socialization skills than children who spend time after school without supervision.

PAL provides youth in K - 8th grade with a high-quality after-school experience based on a revolving schedule of academic enrichment (PAL Smarts), arts learning (PAL Arts) and physical education (PAL Fit). For decades, PAL’s After-school program has kept thousands of children safe and productive during high-risk afterschool hours, which helps working families.


     PAL Smarts: Children receive homework help and targeted support in various academic areas. Considering 80% of future careers will require STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills, PAL after-school programs offer an array of engaging STEM activities, including a chess program, designed to inspire youth and build academic skills.

     PAL Arts: Children build confidence in self-expression through an introduction to illustration, instrumental music, dance, performance poetry, and theater arts. Students are given opportunities to showcase their talents through special events, craft contests, dance competitions, poetry jams and talent shows. 

     PAL Fit: Children engage in the recommended levels of physical activity while learning about healthy lifestyles and nutrition. Children stay active through organized tournaments and friendly athletic competitions.


PAL’s after-school participants have shown increased self-esteem, improved engagement in school and increased physical activity.  The after-school program is offered at  20 youth centers in all 5 boroughs  from 3pm-6pm on school days and from 8am-6pm on school holidays.

Contact us for more information

If you are a parent or a guardian interested in applying to one of our after-school centers, please look up and call the center of your choice for more information. Thank you.